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Website Design and Development

posted by The Marketing Guy @ 10:12 PM
Sunday, October 24, 2010

Don’t spend your valuable time, money and effort developing your own website, and it’s probably best not to ask your 13 year old nephew either. Let the experts at Paragon Marketing Services do it for you. We’ll do what we’re good at while you focus on doing what you’re good at.

We offer research and strategic planning leading to the best and most cost-effective internet business solution for your organization. E-commerce, marketing and promotions, informational websites, post-sale customer services, e-commerce stores, or a combination of them all, we can develop a website that meets the needs of your organization so you meet the needs of your existing and future customers.

No confusion, no “techie” talk, no hidden fees, only great service and a great website professionally representing your organization! We take the anxiety and uncertainty out of “getting on the net” and make it a successful, enjoyable experience.

We combine our strategic planning and marketing skills, communications strategies, with graphic design and website development skills to offer the complete package. Our 3-stage development process includes one or more of the following:

Website Strategic Planning

  • Client needs assessment
  • Business and website goals development
  • Audience targeting and needs research
  • Initial strategic planning based on outcomes of research
  • Systems architecture planning
  • Website appearance planning
  • Data collection


Development Steps

  • Graphic design
  • Picture scanning
  • Professional writing
  • HTML programming
  • Digital photography
  • Video/audio capture
  • E-commerce product additions
  • On-line transaction configuration
  • Feedback and contact forms
  • Java programming
  • CGI/Perl scripts
  • Database integration
  • Flash animation


Marketing Preparation

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Keyword and content optimization
  • Search engine marketing setup (SEM)
  • Search engine submissions
  • XML Sitemap development
  • Link exchange setup
  • Online advertising preparation
  • E-mail marketing setup
  • and more

Important Points To Remember

  • Consumers are turning to the internet first for their buying decisions. Having a website makes a statement that a company is keeping pace with the times and is focused on, and committed to customer service. Most importantly, it is a powerful marketing and selling tool.
  • Paragon Marketing Services takes the fear out of putting your business on the internet by working closely with you through all stages of website development.
  • Paragon Marketing Services is a full-featured solutions provider with expertise and experience in producing high-impact websites that generate results.
  • Paragon Marketing Services understands that a website needs nurturing, updating and ongoing enhancements. The job does not end when the website is complete.
  • Paragon Marketing Services works end-to-end for you, extending far beyond simply designing the website.
  • Paragon Marketing Services ensures your website will be seen by marketing it across the internet in a variety of strategic ways.
  • Paragon Marketing Services is unique in that it can produce multi-language marketing materials and websites.
  • Paragon Marketing Services exposes your products and services to a broad, international market.


What’s The First Step?

The first step is getting us to search for your desired domain name for free, no obligations!

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business.

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Paragon Marketing Services offers offline and online marketing and communications services and related technologies.