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Google Tools / Apps

posted by The Marketing Guy @ 1:16 PM
Monday, October 25, 2010

Google Tools & Apps.

App is an abbreviation for application. An app is a piece of software. It can run on the Internet, on your computer, or on your phone or other electronic devices. Google offers many extremely powerful and functional tools and apps developed for a variety of technologies and needs such as e-marketing, online communications, online advertising, website SEO, and more.

It’s not a matter of if you need to use one or more of these tools, it’s a matter of which ones, and how soon can you start! Some ofGoogle’s tools and apps include:

  • Gmail – web-based email tool and main account tool for all other services.
  • Adwords – the Google online advertising platform.
  • Analytics – their website traffic monitoring and measurement tool.
  • Adsense – a tool to generate revenue on your website by offering ads.
  • Search Tools – search appliances you can use on your website.
  • Places- a tool to mark and promote your business location on Google Maps.
  • Checkout- their e-commerce transaction checkout tool.
  • Website Optimizer- a tool to help with SEO and optimizing of websites.
  • Calendar- a web-based calendar tool that allows sharing another functions.
  • Docs – a web-based tool to store, work on and share documents with others.
  • Groups – allows for formation of groups to access and share other services. 
  • And many more – see them all here.

Many organizations are using Google now, because  Google is the dominant search engine and their tools are so smart and easy to use – providing excellent intelligence, tactics and outcomes for businesses.

Not only does using Google tools and apps show great image marketing and prestige but they can be used for direct and indirect advertising, promoting products, offering news and information and keeping people connected with your business, products and services. 

Contact us to learn more about which tools and apps you should utilize.    

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Paragon Marketing Services offers offline and online marketing and communications services and related technologies.