Paragon Marketing Services offers offline and online marketing and communications services and related technologies.

Our Mission

Partnering with clients to provide successful business, marketing and technology solutions that will increase sales, enhance customer services, and reduce expenses! Contact us.

5 Key Questions

1. Do you have clear and concise marketing goals?

2. Do you know what works and what doesn't to generate sales in your business?

3. Do you have a business and marketing plan?

4. Do you have a credible website and online presence?

5. Are you using technology to help your business grow?

If you're not clear about your answers for these questions, let us bring you clarity!

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Our passion, experience and education in business, marketing, communications and technology offers clients a company to be confident in to develop and maintain powerful business strategies, tactics, and tools to help businesses grow and succeed.

Paragon Marketing Services offers marketing and communications services to organizations who want to promote their organization to increase awareness, grow sales, enhance internal and external communications and media relations, and enhance their overall brand.

  • Research and Surveys
    To learn about and understand your customers, competitors, and employees.
  • Strategic Business and Marketing Planning
    For new or existing businesses to determine what you need and don’t need.
  • Researching and Writing Business and Marketing Plans
    For new businesses or existing businesses that need one or need a refresh.
  • Researching and Writing Communications Plans
    For advertising, media relations, public relations, crisis communications and more.

Paragon Marketing Services Inc. – Why Trust Us As Your Website Development Partner
In choosing a web development company, careful selection is paramount. You’re looking for technical expertise, but other factors are important to consider such as honesty, integrity, affordability, as well as client service and passion – the passion to achieve success for the client. At Paragon Marketing Services, we’re fortunate to have, and offer our clients, the complete package:

  • Experience in home-based businesses, associations, and large corporations.
  • Leading-edge expertise in modern business needs and marketing and communications strategies.
  • Broad and deep business knowledge allowing us to apply technical and practical aspects.
  • We offer complete solutions from the planning to the support services.
  • Our personal dedication to making your business achieve your goals.
  • A commitment of quality in developing a solution you’ll be satisfied with now and in the future.
  • A commitment of superior customer service and responsiveness to client needs.
  • Ongoing customer service and technical support on all our solutions for your business.


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Paragon Marketing Services offers offline and online marketing and communications services and related technologies.